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693M025 10”
693M045 18”
693M060 24”
693025 10”
693045 18”
693060 24”
  • Super Torpedo: 10” level with big level vials.
  • Unique top read plumb vial: can be seen from top, front or side.
  • H vial has 2% slope for drainage (see catalog description of this vial).
  • Permanent magnets: much superior to inexpensive strip magnets
  • All vials accurate to 1/64” per yard.
  • 3 sizes: 10, 18 & 24” with or without magnets.
  • Also available w/adj angledial in place of fixed 45o (693WM025 10")
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Wide range of applications.
Check Out These Great Features
Oversized horizontal vial has 2% slope. This is the latest in vial technology: vial installed blank, aligned by a computer and etched by a laser. Thus even the 2% slope is accurate to 1/64” per yard.
Permanent magnets are much stronger and more durable than strip magnets. The only plumb vial that can be read from the top. This is a robust horizontal vial installed as a vertical vial.
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