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Universal Level
Vario Tape
Universal Level
#02005 5m/16’ - metric
5/8” wide tape line

#00683 9.5”

Universal level with 1 fixed horizontal vial
and 1 adjustable vial.

Also available with magnet (00684).

Window Tapes
BMI 4x1
BMI 4X1 Window Tape
Viso Window Tape
#01933 w/ built in level
BMI window tapes have several useful features:
  1. Standard measurements with inch-metric scale 3m—10’.
  2. * Inside measurements using the window: distance between the rear of the tape case and the beginning of the tape line appears in tape window. No more bending the tape to get difficult inside measurements (e.g.: windows, doors & cabinet measurements).
  3. * “Compass” feature for drawing exact circles.
  4. BMI 4x1 has vial for small leveling tasks.
Window Tape Feature
Compass Feature

Torpedo Level w/ 3 vials
Folding Wood Rule
Torpedo w/ 3vials
Folding Wood Rule
#00674 8” (magnetic)
#9042 INCH METRIC RULE (2M=78”)

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